Metal Warehouse Building in Wilmington, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated Nucor-brand metal building to a customer in highly industrial Wilmington, California in the spring of 2014. The steel structure now serves as a warehouse for storing hay in warm and sunny Southern California.

Standing 80’x40’x23.6’, this exceedingly strong and low-maintenance steel building features a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch.

Wilmington, California is a neighborhood located in Southern Los Angeles, in Los Angeles County. Known largely as a center of industry and oil production, the area lies about five miles outside Long Beach, California, and eight miles from Torrance.

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Metal Building in Clovis, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Clovis, California as a shop for equipment storage in September 2013.  This Fresno County building is about 10 miles from Fresno and about 30 miles from Auberry in central California.

Along with the high quality Garco components for this building, sheeting for another building was ordered at the same time.  The customer needed shipping to be delayed for one month due to personal reasons, which we were able to easily accommodate.

This building is 40’x80’x16’ and has a roof pitch of 1:12.  The wind load for the equipment storage and shop is 85 MPH. Allowing access to the storage building are two of the most popular sized doors, a 12’x14’ overhead door and a 3’x7’ walk door.

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Metal Building in Oroville, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Oroville, California in August, 2013.  This steel building is located in Butte County about 15 miles from Gridley and 20 miles from Live Oak.

This high quality Garco metal building is used as a shop building and is 40’x60’x12’ with a galvalume 1:12 pitched roof. It has a wind load of 85 MPH. The building features four doors – two 10’x10’ and two 3’x7’ walk doors. The owner of this building upgraded to a heavier insulation package.

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Metal Building in Perris, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Perris, California located about 25 miles from Riverside and 75 miles from Long Beach. Perris is a thriving community in southern California.

Built in October 2012 this Garco shop building is functional and durable. The 40’x60’x14’ has a wind rating of 85 MPH and featuring light stone colored walls and a galvalume roof. It has three doors 2 are 16’x12’ overhead doors and the third is a 3’x7’ walkdoor.  Prefabricated steel buildings are very affordable.

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Steel Building in Maywood, California

This Aztec Blue Nucor steel building with a Galvalume roof was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in February 2012. The owner of this building has purchased two steel buildings. He uses his first one as a carport and this one is used as a shop for his trucking company.  It has a 16’x14 roll-up door and one 3’x7’ steel insulated walkdoor.  Having discovered the versatility of steel buildings this Maywood, California owner is very pleased with his purchases. Maywood, CA is very close to East Los Angeles which is only 3 miles away.

Metal Building in Wilmington, California

This sturdy Nucor metal building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet by a customer in Wilmington, California which is about 6 miles from Long Beach.  The owner, familiar with the durability of steel structures purchased the building to be used for his customer to store hay storage for livestock.  Metal buildings are especially suited for agricultural storage buildings. They are frequently used for this purpose as an affordable option to protect agricultural assets like seed, feed or equipment.  The building has a Galvalume roof and has been in use since April, 2012.

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Metal Building in Pinon Hills, California

This durable Nucor steel building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet when the owner of a car dealership needed a cost effective solution for automobile storage.  Pleased by the affordable price of his steel auto shop and storage building he has been using it since April, 2011 in Pinon Hills, California. Pinon Hills, CA is about 40 miles from San Bernadino.  With the many custom options for framed entrances this building features two attractive nine foot by nine foot entrances centered on the right end wall.  The building shows one of the most popular color of roof available, Galvalume.

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Metal Building in Escondido, California

This Nucor building supplied by Metal Building Outlet is located not far from San Diego, California, in Escondido.  The owner of this metal building sells boats, jet skis and other marine watercraft.  He uses the building as his retail shop and storage.  He purchased a second building when it was time to expand his operation.

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Steel Building in Palermo, California

Located in Palermo, California this Nucor building with a galvalume roof was purchased from Metal Building Outlet in February, 2011.  It is used as a residential 3 car garage.  With the many different options to customize a prefab steel building kit it is a very affordable choice. Metal buildings are a cost effective way for anyone to add storage onto their residential or commercial property.

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