Steel Building in Newberry Springs, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building located in Newberry Springs, California, not far from Victorville, it is a fox gray Nucor building with a galvalume roof.  The owner uses this building for private storage and as a shop.  It was designed with 2 10’x10’ framed openings for overhead doors. The owner has been very pleased with the quality of his building, as well as, the initial cost.

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Metal Building in Redding, California

When looking for an affordable, versatile and durable storage option many people turn to a prefabricated metal building kit. The owner of this building in Redding, California not far from Sacramento wanted to add a workshop to his property.  He selected a Nucor steel building from Metal Building Outlet to meet his needs.  After speaking to one of our professional project managers he determined that he wanted to self-erect the building to further cut costs. Not only does this light stone building with a galvalume roof meet his practical needs it is an attractive addition to his property.

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Metal Building in Clovis, California

Where do you go when you need a break and are a contract employee of the government doing crime scene clean up?  The owner of this Nucor building  supplied by Metal Building Outlet found that having a “fun workshop” on his property in Clovis, California (not far from Fresno) was exactly what the doctor ordered.

With a small second story loft the owner of this building can escape from the stresses of his everyday job and have a place to unwind. In addition to being used as a personal escape since February, 2011 the building is also used for vehicle storage.  Insulated for both comfort and energy efficiency the walls and roof of the building are insulated with an R-13 insulation package. The building features seven 4’ x 4’ windows to allow natural light and two walkdoors. Metal buildings can be customized with a variety of options to meet the needs of the owner.

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Steel Building in Alpine, California

When a pastor needed a new church building for an Indian Reservation not far from San Diego in Alpine, California he looked at different kinds of building materials. He needed an affordable durable structure that could be customized to meet the needs of the church congregation. This Nucor steel building supplied by Metal Building Outlet was able to accomplish all of this.

In order for the building to be energy efficient insulation was added to both the roof and the walls. The roof is insulated with an R-19 and the walls are R-13 giving the building adequate insulation for the Alpine’s climate. The building features 4 windows, 2 single insulated steel doors and 2 double doors.

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Steel Building in San Ramon, California

As businesses grow they sometimes need more room.  Such was the case for an expanding plumbing company in San Ramon, California about 25 miles from Oakland.  This steel building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet. The owner erected the building himself and found it was a much easier process than what he expected.

This building features four framed doors, two of which are 14’ x 14’ overhead sectional doors and the other two are 3’ x 7’ walk doors. The Nucor building is attractive, durable and practical.

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Metal Building in Earp, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building located about 250 miles from Los Angeles, for the Riverland Resort in Earp, California.  It is near the state line of California and Arizona. The resort is right on the Colorado River. The resort needed office space and a storage building for their mobile home park.

They chose a sturdy NCI building for the quality & the price.  This building features three of the most popular styles and sizes of doors.  There are two large overhead doors on the building (14’ x 12’ and 10’ x 10’) and a standard 3’ x 7’ walkdoor. Used as a shop, office and storage since the purchase in June, 2012 this building will be around for many years to come.

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Metal Building In Lost Hills, California

In December 2011 a customer purchased a new NCI metal building from Metal Building Outlet for his auto, truck and diesel repair business. The 40’ x 60’ x 14’ shop was the new home for his growing business. The building is located in Lost Hills, California which is approximately 50 miles from Bakersfield, CA. The polar white metal building with the galvalume roof makes for a striking appearance. There is easy vehicle access through 2 12’ x 12’ roll coil doors. The insulation package R-19 roof & R-13 walls keeps the building energy efficient and comfortable year around.

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Steel Building in Santa Barbara, California

What do you do when you have a spectacular view overlooking Santa Barbara and do not want it closed off by the construction and design of your home? This customer decided to purchase a Nucor steel framing from Metal Building Outlet for the base structure for his house. To accomplish the effect he wanted he used glass to build the walls giving him the panoramic view he desired without an obstruction.

The steel frame work for his home was purchased and completed in 2011.  The house is located approximately 100 miles from Los Angeles, California.  It is a unique and very good architectural way to have the amazing views of Santa Barbara, CA enjoyed within the confines of his home.

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Steel Building in Le Grand, California

Purchase in February, 2012 from Metal Building Outlet by a farmer the steel building is used to store farming equipment. Located about 50 miles from Fresno in Le Grand (or Legand), California. This NCI building is tan with a galvalume roof.  Steel buildings have long since been used in agricultural settings because of their flexibility in design, durability and cost. They are often built for barns, stables, riding arenas, shops and for storage.

Le Grand, CA is named after an early settler who worked for the railroad, William Le Grand Dickinson.

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Metal Building in El Cerrito, California

Business owners are finding that steel buildings work well for retail shop space. Metal buildings are affordable and built to last with minimal maintenance needs.

This light stone colored NCI building with a galvalume roof supplied by Metal Building Outlet  has been in use since April, 2012. It is located in scenic El Cerrito, California a suburb of San Francisco.  Established by refugees after the devastating earthquake in 1906, hilly El Cerrito is filled with spectacular views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay.

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