Steel Building in Apopka, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a buyer in Apopka, Florida, in July of 2015.

Attractive, durable and low maintenance, the building boasts light stone-colored paint and is now used as a garage. Crafted from premium-quality steel components, the structure stands 30’x20’x14’ in size and is covered overhead by a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch. Inside the steel building are (3) framed openings, which include (2) 10’x10’ openings housing (2) 10’x10’ roll-up doors and (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 steel walk door designed for convenient user access.

A high wind speed of 140 mph serves as an additional building feature and was included in consideration of Florida’s strong storm and occasional hurricane activity. A city set within central Florida’s Orange County, Apopka lies about 36 miles outside Kissimmee and about 24 miles from Orlando, home to some of the nation’s most notable theme parks.

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Metal Building in Fort Myers, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Fort Myers, Florida, in late December, 2015.

Boasting ash gray paint and a rugged, durable Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead, the building is crafted using premium-grade steel components and stands 40’x50’x18’ in size. It is designed to serve miscellaneous purposes, and inside it are (12) framed openings serving various purposes, which include (2) 14’x14’ openings housing (2) 14’x14’ roll-coil doors, (2) openings housing 3070 commercial walk doors and (8) translucent window panels in the roof. Additional project features include a high wind speed of 160 mph, an inclusion that was made given the Fort Myers area’s typical weather patterns.

A part of southwestern Florida’s Lee County, the city of Fort Myers sits about 44 miles from the popular resort destination of Naples and about 9 miles outside Cape Coral.

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Energy-Efficient Metal Building in Fort McCoy, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Fort McCoy, Florida in late November of 2014.

Light stone in color and crafted exclusively from Nucor Building Systems components, the building now operates as a warehouse. Boasting a finished size of 40’x60’x16’ and topped with a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch, the Florida steel building features a total of (3) framed openings. These include (2) 14’14’ doors and an additional 3070 walk door for easy entry and access.

Fort McCoy experiences long, hot and humid summers, with this in mind, energy efficient insulation was included in both the roof and walls at the time of construction. The building’s roof features R-19 insulation panels, while the walls contain R-13 insulation. In consideration of northern Florida’s propensity for strong storm activity and occasional hurricanes, the building was designed with a high wind speed of 130 mph.

Fort McCoy is an unincorporated community located within Marion County in north-central Florida. It lies about 98 miles from Kissimmee and 48.5 miles outside the City of Gainesville.

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Steel Building in Christmas, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Christmas, Florida in February, 2014.  The building is used as a multi-purpose building by the owner in Central Florida Orange County.  He uses the building as a personal shop and garage on his property, about half an hour from Orlando and Deltona.

Comprised entirely of SteelMax parts, this building is engineered to the climate and has a wind speed rating of 134 MPH. The exterior walls are burnished slate and the roof with a 3:12 pitch is galvalume.  There are three doors on the building (1) 12’x12’ overhead door , (1) 3’x7’ and (1) 6’x7’ walk doors.

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Metal Building in Sarasota, Florida

Metal Building in Jacksonville, Florida

Purchased from Metal Building Outlet this Nucor Quonset Hut building was sent to Jacksonville, Florida and then shipped to Puerto Rico. Used as a shop the steel galvalume building is 50’x45’.  The owner wanted skylights added to his Quonset hut but unfortunately it is not possible due to the arched design of the building.

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Steel Building in Jacksonville, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building to Ramlakhan & Sons Rice Mills in Jacksonville, Florida not far from St. Augustine. It is located about 250 miles from the capitol of Tallahassee.

The 100’x120’x20’ Steelmax building has light stone walls and a galvalume roof. Purchased back in March of 2012 it is used as a shop.