Metal Building in Sheffield, Massachusetts

Entrepreneur and owner of The Pass Berkshires contracted Metal Building Outlet to supply their commercial metal building in Sheffield, Massachusetts . Once delivered onsite, this metal building kit was constructed and serves as their retail store and grow house.

Metal Buildings in West Hatfield, Massachusetts

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pair of pre-engineered metal buildings for a customer in West Hatfield, Massachusetts, in mid-September of 2020.

Rugged, insulated and low maintenance, the buildings feature superior-quality steel construction and function as shops. The first and larger of the structures is 36’x65’x14’ in size, while the second, smaller steel building is 14’x65’x12’.

Metal Building in Deerfield, Massachusetts

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Sturdy and built to last, this building is in use as a shop and offers the structural integrity New England’s unpredictable climate demands. Boasting a striking, Antique Red exterior, the shop stands 30’x60’x12’ when erect.

Metal Building in Weymouth, Massachusetts

Creating a state of the art shop and garage building is at the heart of Metal Building Outlets founding narrative. We worked with our customer, a large towing outfit to supply a metal building in Weymouth, Massachusetts that would endure east coast winters, and Nor’ Easters with hot and humid summer weather.

Steel Building in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Metal Building Outlet supplied this insulated, prefabricated steel building in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Rugged, eye-catching and exceedingly energy efficient, the building is fern green in color, and it now functions as a shop. Crafted from high-end steel components, it stands 40’x50’x12’ in size, and a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 4:12 pitch protects the inside of the structure from overhead.

It features (2) framed openings, which include (1) 10’x12’ opening enclosing (1) 10’x12’ roll-up door and (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 insulated commercial walk door. Installed in the roof of the shop is high-performance R-30 metal building insulation, while the walls of the building enclose R-19 insulation. The insulation package reduces energy bills considerably while keeping building users comfortable throughout all four variable New England seasons.

A wind speed rating of 90 mph and a high snow load of 65 pounds serve as additional attributes; additions made with respect for the climate patterns common through much of Massachusetts and the sometimes-considerable seasonal snowfall often seen throughout the area. A small, lively town set within western Massachusetts’ Berkshire County, Great Barrington is a popular resort community that borders West Stockbridge, Stockbridge and Lee, among other neighboring communities.

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Steel Building in Seekonk, Massachusetts

This Nucor-brand building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in Seekonk, Massachusetts in August of 2010. The structure measures 110’x150’ and has a roof pitch of 1:12. Seekonk lies about 15 miles away from Taunton and 12 miles away from Fall River. Seekonk is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts and has rich history from both Native American tribes and early Colonial Americans.

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Metal Building in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) premanufactured steel buildings for a customer in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Now available for lease, the (2) durable, easy-to-maintain metal buildings feature attractive, ash gray paint, and they both stand 40’x162’x20’ in size. Overhead, protecting against corrosion and the elements, are rugged, resilient Galvalume metal roofs with 0.5:12 pitches, and the buildings themselves are comprised of robust, top-quality steel components.

 Both buildings also offer 110-mph wind speed ratings and high, 55-pound snow loads as additional features, taking into account the sometimes-harsh New England weather and the seasonal snowfall that is common throughout Chestnut Hill and much of the surrounding region. A small village set about six miles outside downtown Boston, Chestnut Hill has land within Norfolk, Suffolk and Middlesex counties. It sits about 24 miles from Braintree and about 27 miles outside Weymouth.

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