Metal Building in Mound House, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was the proud provider of this prefabricated metal building in Mound House, Nevada, in late July of 2020.

Energy efficient and exceedingly durable, the metal building is comprised of rugged, quality steel parts and now functions as a shop. Once raised, it is an expansive 40’x80’x16’ in size, offering a wide clear span and high overhead clearance.

Metal Building Frame in Mullen, Nebraska

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building frame on behalf of a customer in Mullen, Nebraska, in August of 2020.

The last of (3) steel buildings supplied for the same customer, this frame-only structure is 50’x100’x14’ in size and is comprised of durable, quality steel parts.

Metal Building in Winnemucca, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Winnemucca, Nevada, in mid-July, 2020.

Offering superior strength and structural integrity, the building is comprised of heavy-duty steel parts and is now in use as a shop. Once erect, the building is 30’x50’x14’ and has high overhead clearance and an open, clear-span design.

Metal Building in Minden, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Minden, Nevada, in early July of 2020.

Durable, customized and highly energy efficient, the building features top-quality steel construction and is in use as a shop. Spacious and versatile, the building is 40’x60’x13’4” in size and boasts a clear-span design.

Prefab Garage

Auto Shop in Reno, Nevada

Nevada Towing Inc., is Reno’s premier towing company, and more recently they’ve expanded into auto sales. With an expanding business, they also needed a new building to accommodate their growth. Teaming with Metal Building Outlet, we were able to design a new building that would accommodate a tall standing, state of the art auto shop.

Commercial Shop Building

Metal Warehouse Building in Reno, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Reno Nevada. Metal warehouses are great options for those looking to expand their property portfolio’s; either direct use or for rental properties. This customer has purchased several metal warehouse kits from MBO.

Prefabricated Metal Building in Las Vegas, Nevada

Steel Workshop in Sun Valley, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was the supplier of this prefabricated steel building in Sun Valley, Nevada. Engineered to last the long haul and inherently low maintenance by design, the building is comprised of premium-grade steel materials, and it offers a finished, fully erect size of 30’x42’x12’.

Prefabricated Steel Building in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet provided this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Now used for storage, the exceedingly durable and highly functional building is crafted from top-of-the-line steel components and stands 30’x80’x16’ in size when fully erect.

Steel Building in Spring Creek, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was the provider of this preconstructed steel building in Spring Creek, Nevada. Highly energy efficient and designed to stand strong against inclement weather thanks to a wind speed rating of 90 mph and a high snow load of 50 lbs., the light stone-colored building boasts a finished size of 40’x60’x17’.