Steel Shop Buildings in Reno, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply these (2) prefabricated steel shop buildings in Reno, Nevada, in late May of 2019.

Spacious, sustainable and energy efficient, the buildings offer unrivaled strength and durability, and together, they serve as a shop. Both buildings feature premium-quality steel construction, with the first and larger of the buildings standing 140’x242’x20’ once raised, and the smaller building standing 60’x60’x20’ in size.

Both metal shops have high overhead clearance that improves versatility and functionality, and they both have robust and corrosion-resistant Galvalume roofs with 1:12 pitches offering protection from overhead. Other key customizations include (5) framed openings, among them (4) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (4) 3070 walk doors, and (1) 20’x18’ framed opening that makes it easy to move oversize equipment or vehicles in and out.

A high-performing insulation package is another notable feature, with both steel buildings featuring R-19 fiberglass insulation in their roofs and a layer of R-13 insulation in their walls. Both structures also boast 15-pound snow loads and 90-mph wind speed ratings out of respect for local climate characteristics and building codes.

Part of northwestern Nevada, the city of Reno is known for its casinos and is a part of Washoe County. The city sits about 22 miles outside Lake Tahoe and about 31 miles north of Carson City.

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