Metal Canopy Buildings in South Gate, California

Metal Building Outlet provided these (3) pre-engineered steel buildings for a customer located in South Gate, California, in late August of 2016.

All (3) canopy-style buildings are exceedingly durable and crafted from high-end steel components, and they are all covered from above by long-lasting, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roofs with 2:12 pitches. The first canopy building stands 70’x110’x22’ in size, while the second stands 70’x100’x1’. The third structure stands 110’x138’x20’ when fully erect, and all (3) structures also feature wind speed ratings of 110 mph. This addition was made to enhance strength and durability with respect for the climate and weather patterns characteristic of South Gate and the surrounding region.

Located southeast of the city of Los Angeles, South Gate is considered a part of the Gateway Cities region and is also often referred to as the Azalea City. It lies about 15 miles outside Long Beach and five miles from Compton.

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