Horse Arena

Metal Buildings in Monee, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet provided these (3) pre-engineered metal buildings in Monee, Illinois, in late October of 2017.

Together, they serve as an indoor riding arena. Long-lasting and energy efficient, the first and largest building stands 120’x220’x20’ in size and has a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 3:12 pitch overhead. The second structure stands 27’6”x10’x17.5’ in size and its roof has a 2:12 pitch, while the third building stands 30’x12’x10’ upon erection, and its roof offers a 4:12 pitch.

Metal Building in Poolville, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this large, pre-engineered metal building in Poolville, Texas, in late May of 2015.

One of two metal buildings supplied for the customer, the building is 48’x134’x14’ in size and now functions as a riding arena. Crafted from hard-wearing, high-end components, the building is covered overhead by a galvalume steel roof with a 1:12 roof pitch. Inside are (17) framed openings of varying sizes and purposes. Included are (2) 3070 walk doors, (2) 12’x12’ openings and (8) 4040 windows. Also included in the project are (2) 8040 doors and (3) 10’x10’ openings.

In consideration of the climate and weather patterns of the Poolville area, the riding arena building is engineered with a wind speed of 115 mph and a snow load of 5 lbs.

A part of Parker County in northern Texas, the unincorporated community of Poolville lies about 84 miles outside Plano and 38 miles from Fort Worth.

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