Steel Buildings in Greer, South Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (3) pre-engineered steel buildings for a customer in Greer, South Carolina. Rugged, spacious and easy to maintain, the (3) steel buildings all function as arenas, offering ample space to use as the owner sees fit. All of the buildings boast Old Town Gray paint, enhancing their curb appeal, and the first stands 124’x263’x20’ once raised, while the second and third buildings stand 20’x263’x20’. The metal arenas all have high overhead clearance, making them ideal for athletic, equestrian or other use.

Horse Arena

Metal Buildings in Monee, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet provided these (3) pre-engineered metal buildings in Monee, Illinois, in late October of 2017.

Together, they serve as an indoor riding arena. Long-lasting and energy efficient, the first and largest building stands 120’x220’x20’ in size and has a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 3:12 pitch overhead. The second structure stands 27’6”x10’x17.5’ in size and its roof has a 2:12 pitch, while the third building stands 30’x12’x10’ upon erection, and its roof offers a 4:12 pitch.

Steel Athletic Arena in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this premanufactured steel arena for a buyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in late August of 2019.

Currently in use as an athletic arena, the building features premium-quality steel construction and stands 70’x100’x16’ in size. Its clear span design eliminates interior obstructions, freeing up more usable space, and its high overhead clearance allows for viewing areas while enhancing overall functionality at the same time.

The metal arena has a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 2:12 pitch overhead, which protects the interior from the elements and moisture-related damage. It also boasts a high, 130-mph wind speed rating in compliance with local building codes; an accommodation made with regard for the sometimes-strong storm activity that comes through the region.

Situated along the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, the city of Baton Rouge is a part of East Baton Rouge Parish. It sits about 80 miles outside New Orleans and about 55 miles from Lafayette, Louisiana.

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