Metal Building in Longmont, Colorado

This Nucor steel building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet in May 2011 as an addition to an exciting building. It is used as a retail space to sell plastic geometric parts for a business in Longmont, CO. Steel buildings are very versatile and are built to last. Metal building kits give the owners the flexibility to design their buildings to meet their needs. Choosing a number of options from colors to roof types, wind & snow loads, as well as, openings for doors and windows.

Longmont, Colorado is about 15 miles from Boulder and Loveland. The steel components come from Nucor Steel Buildings in Utah, the shipping time and cost is very reasonable.

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Metal Building in Kiowa, Colorado

This Nucor metal building with a galvalume roof was purchased from Metal Building Outlet in September, 2010. The building was erected in Kiowa, CO not far from Peyton and Englewood Colorado. The owner of this durable metal building uses it as an outbuilding and a shop. It was designed to for a work area and storage.  With the versatility of steel buildings, the various insulation and energy saving packages available anyone can have the building that they want with the features they need. 

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Metal Building in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

This Nucor steel building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet to be used as a recreational cabin in scenic Glenwood Springs, CO. With the rugged Rocky Mountain terrain, the customer wanted a building that would be attractive, durable and versatile. The roof was designed with 4ft overhangs which gives it an appealing appearance, as well as, having practical purposes. With eleven framed openings, the building has a lot of natural sunlight that can enter into the interior of the steel building. Glenwood Springs, Colorado is close to Grand Junction & Aspen.

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Steel Building in Erie, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this light stone metal building with a galvalume roof erected in Erie, CO. The owner self-erected the building.  He restores classic cars and uses the steel building as a shop and storage. With proper insulation the building is kept comfortable, with the climate extremes known in growing Weld County.

Erie is in Weld County and it is known for its extreme weather and in particular for intense storms.  Both the cities of Fort Collins and Greeley are located in Weld County in northeastern Colorado.

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Medical Storage Building in Denver, Colorado

This Nucor metal storage building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet by Premier Medical Corporation as a solution to their need for additional medical equipment storage.  The nearby supplier Nucor Steel Buildings in Utah supplied the steel components which made the shipping time and cost very reasonable.  With the classic color choice of light stone for the walls and galvalume roof, the building is attractive and fits into the modern sleek Denver, CO image. Metal buildings have many insulation and wind & snow load options which make them perfect for Colorado’s diverse climates.

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Steel Building in Denver, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Denver, Colorado, not far from Littleton or Commerce City.  In use since August, 2011 as a lean to addition for an existing metal building, it features a single slope roof design.

Steel Building in Colorado Springs, Colorado

This NCI steel building was purchased in September 2011 from Metal Building Outlet as a personal storage building for a customer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It is also used as a private shop and storage for vehicles.  The durability of metal buildings is especially suited for the rugged weather conditions of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Springs, CO, home of the Pikes Peak, is the largest city south of Denver. It is about 40 miles from Florence and about 100 miles from La Junta.

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Auto Shop Building

Metal Building in Castle Rock, Colorado

When the owner of Restore Cars needed a new antique auto restoration facility in March 2012 in Castle Rock, Colorado (not far from Littleton or Sedalia), he decided ordering a sturdy steel building from Metal Building Outlet.  This building is 60’x150’x16′ in size and is a dark and light gray Nucor building with a dark gray roof.  Built to last as long as the cars that are housed within the steel building it meets all of the customer’s demands.


Equipped with a double layer energy saving package from Metal Building Insulation, this building is comfortable in the cold Colorado winters and hot summers. The building has a High R Energy Saver fabric liner, thermal break tape and Guardian fiberglass insulation. With this energy saver package will save the customer money every month on his heating and cooling costs.


This building has twenty five white framed openings.  The building has twenty windows which floods the shop with lots of natural light.  Wainscot and overhangs are the finishing touches on this building, giving it a truly unique look.

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Metal Building in Basalt, Colorado

Located in Basalt, Colorado, this metal building was purchased in September, 2011 from Metal Building Outlet. This building is being used as a personal two car garage and shop.  Basalt is a scenic small town in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley with many recreational opportunities available for residents and tourists alike.  Basalt is located in the historic Eagle and Pitkin counties and is less than five miles from beautiful Snowmass.  Also not far, at about 10 miles distance is Carbondale.  This durable metal building is a perfect blend of practicality and beauty, matching the Rocky Mountain way of life.  

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